The PA is not a Sacred Cow

A generation of Arabs have been raised on an unadulterated diet of hatred of Israel. It's time Israel made it clear that this is unacceptable and not the way to make peace.
An assault on Jewish rites, the likes of which have not been seen since the Nazi era, is spreading throughout Europe. From Poland to Iceland, antisemitism is back in the mainstream.
European imperialism in the Middle East was preceded by Islamist imperialism. The Jewish state is the only indigenous fragment that survived the onslaught of Islamic imperialism
The Media, obsessing over ‘fake news’, does not report terrorist attacks in Israel which advances the agenda of portraying Israel as the ‘aggressor’ and the Arabs as ‘victims’.

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The Tamimi Family – a Dynasty of Arab Terrorists

The young women who assaulted soldiers and who is now portrayed as a folk hero fighting for freedom, is in fact another product of the well oiled Arab incitement and propaganda machine

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Expelling Illegal Infiltrators from Israel – Legal and Moral

Israel, like any sovereign country in the world, has the right to determine who may enter its borders and is authorized to remove unwanted violators of its borders from its territory

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