All Roads Lead to Tehran

In his UN address Netanyahu identified the threats posed by Iran to the World, but Israel would be smart to use the Kurdish situation to it's benefit
Many in the West have a problem with an independent, proud, determined and defiant Jewish State.
German court censor of an historic photo for "inciting hatred toward Islam" is just another cover up of the Nazi-Islam ideological connection
Sooner or later Netanyahu's term will end. A look at possible candidates who could be the next Prime Minister of Israel.

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Israel Needs to get Tougher on Jordan

The Hashemite Kingdom owes its life to Israel, and Israel needs to convey to Jordan that the events of the last two weeks are unacceptable, and there will be consequences.

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Judicial Activism Has Gone Off the Track

A closer look at the ruling by Supreme Court Justice Elyakim Rubinstein, who struck down the government’s Gas Deal, shows just how scandalous it is

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