Israeli Attractions: Tel Gezer National Park

A location of such strategic importance that it has been continually inhabited for 6000 years, the ancient town of Gezer is also key to an astounding discovery found in Egyptian tablets.
Ron Lauder blames Israeli policies for the impasse with the Arabs and for the assimilation occurring in the Diaspora, while oblivious to the realities in Israel that completely refute his claims
For all of Europe’s post-colonial guilt, its persistent declarations of what it does and doesn't find acceptable in the policies of Israel – is the language of an unrepentant colonialist.
Israel is ranked as the world’s eleventh most happy nation. It is also one of the most powerful and innovative countries in the world. When you know the Israeli People you know why

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The Tamimi Family – a Dynasty of Arab Terrorists

The young women who assaulted soldiers and who is now portrayed as a folk hero fighting for freedom, is in fact another product of the well oiled Arab incitement and propaganda machine

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Expelling Illegal Infiltrators from Israel – Legal and Moral

Israel, like any sovereign country in the world, has the right to determine who may enter its borders and is authorized to remove unwanted violators of its borders from its territory

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