How Trump can Seal the Ultimate Middle East Deal

If President Trump wants to achieve a serious Middle East peace deal, he will have to challenge the State Dept. dictums, which have brought over 50 years of failure.
Always ready to find fault in even the most altruistic of Israel's actions, British media last week dangerously crossed over into demonization, in the age-old tradition of Jew hatred.
The European continent has once again enveloped itself in a toxic cloud of antisemitism and European Jews today find themselves cornered from all sides
Steve Bannon’s relegation to the category of "anti-Semite", in spite of his clear affection for Israel, marks a milestone in American politics that cannot be entirely walked back on now.

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The Truth About the New Israel Fund You Won’t Get in Israeli Media

In a flattering interview, the CEO of the New Israel Fund attempted to purify the name of the organization. For those who forgot, here’s a reminder of the NIF's exploits

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The Anti-Defamation League has Betrayed its Cause

The prestigious organization whose original goal was to stop the defamation of the Jewish people is now tolerating and partnering with anti-Semitic progressive organizations.

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Hillel Betrays its Mission

A US Jewish organization does not get to evaluate the legitimacy of an elected Israeli official. If it cannot stand up to a cockamamie group of students, it is unfit to lead the war on the delegitimization of Israel in the arena of academia.
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