The Academic Pogrom Against Israel

Bigoted brutes use physical violence. Academic intolerance is just as much a form of abuse, using classrooms as priests used their pulpits to demonize the Jews and incite the masses.
It was a record year for tourism to Israel, with tourists overwhelmingly giving the visit positive reviews. While it is a remarkable accomplishment, there is much that can be improved
Israel's economy is booming. The failure of the Arabs and BDS movement campaigns to destroy it are as spectacular as the Arab failures to defeat Israel in the battlefield.
Relationships with India were established just 25 years ago, and on Middle East issues is far from being our best friend. Yet, Israel's relations with the giant state are heating up

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The Truth About the New Israel Fund You Won’t Get in Israeli Media

In a flattering interview, the CEO of the New Israel Fund attempted to purify the name of the organization. For those who forgot, here’s a reminder of the NIF's exploits

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South Africa and Israel – Time to Set the Record Straight

As Israel expands its relations with African countries, South Africa remains antagonistic, mostly because of a warped interpretation of history

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