The Anti-Defamation League Has Betrayed Its Cause

The prestigious organization whose original goal was to stop the defamation of the Jewish people is now tolerating and partnering with anti-Semitic progressive organizations.
A short guide to Israel's progressive Anti-Trump political and media elites
Mahmoud Abbas
Today, President Trump will host PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. In honor of this visit, we listed 10 important facts which shatter the Palestinian leader's image as a "man of peace".
62% of Israeli citizens living in South Tel Aviv are afraid to leave their homes after dark as lawlessness has become the tragic reality. Meanwhile, the media turns a blind eye

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Start Up Nation: Death By Unions?

The Histadrut's attempt to aggressively unionize Israel's hi-tech sector threatens the health of Israel's prized and most vital economic sector.

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Judicial Activism Has Gone Off the Track

A closer look at the ruling by Supreme Court Justice Elyakim Rubinstein, who struck down the government’s Gas Deal, shows just how scandalous it is

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