The Israeli Democracy Institute’s Meandering: Opposed to Political Appointments but also in Favor

IDI president calls political appointments an “attack on governance” this week, but an old IDI publication actually celebrates them. What changed? The makeup of the government
The wedding between Hamas and Fatah will leave Hamas in charge while Pallywood leader Abbas will be the pretty poster boy to the outside world.
Before anyone even thought of “fake news”, UNESCO was inventing and spreading “fake history”. The consequences are now hitting home, as the US and Israel leave the organization.
Those claiming the “occupation” of ’67 is immoral cannot argue that the “occupation” of ’48 is moral. The time has come to stop with the double standard and declare – the existence of the state of Israel is moral

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The IDF's Misplaced Feminism

An IDF decision to lower standards for women in combat units not only disparages feminism, it also hurts Israel's combat readiness

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The Anti-Defamation League has Betrayed its Cause

The prestigious organization whose original goal was to stop the defamation of the Jewish people is now tolerating and partnering with anti-Semitic progressive organizations.

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