Congress – Israel’s Most Systematic Ally

Israel has to strengthen its relations with the Capitol Hill, which holds equal power to that of Washington, and in some areas even a greater one
Former Minister of Justice Haim Ramon goes on the offensive: "The left and the center in Israel have given up on persuading the public, they want to rule through the judiciary and the bureaucracy"
Thousands of pupils at the PA schools are being exposed to Jew hatred and incitement for terrorism from young age
contrary to Palestinian claims and myths, Palestine has not been Arab from time immemorial

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The Origins of Arab Settlers in the Land of Israel

What’s in a name? In the case of the Arabs, it tells you what their tribe and country of origin are. It also dispels the biggest fallacy the “Palestinians” would like you to believe.

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Arab Historian Admits there is No Palestinian People

When the Ottoman rule ended, there was no Palestinian national identity or political borders. It was all made up later. Arabs themselves say so, but the west isn't listening

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The Meaning of Jewish National Freedom

When Israel celebrates 71 years of restored Jewish national independence, it bows its head to the 23,741 Israelis who have been killed in action defending the national freedom of the Jewish people. While the price is high, the price of lacking Jewish national freedom was always incomparably higher.

The Strangest War

Netanyahu's declared limited goal of ‘ensuring the peace and security’ of the south is a problem. The goal should be total victory: A complete and utter defeat of the enemy. Anything less, as the past 15 years have amply proven, will only lead to escalation.
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