Europe's Response to Terrorism Must be a Resolute Stand Alongside Israel

As long as the Palestinians do not stop their industry of death, the EU must freeze any aid it gives them. The Mayor of Frankfurt, Germany, in a special column
13 years since the disengagement and Israel is a very different society today, the sobering realities having clarified the true nature of the "peace" our neighbors seek.
The “Israel Victory Paradigm” requires the abandonment of the Oslo concept, the concept that peace and security will be achieved through two states between the Sea and the Jordan River.
The visit of the British prince is a historic event, but it is doubtful whether it marks a real change in the positions of the royal family.

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The Origins of Arab Settlers in the Land of Israel

What’s in a name? In the case of the Arabs, it tells you what their tribe and country of origin are. It also dispels the biggest fallacy the “Palestinians” would like you to believe.

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Arab Historian Admits there is No Palestinian People

When the Ottoman rule ended, there was no Palestinian national identity or political borders. It was all made up later. Arabs themselves say so, but the west isn't listening

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