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Help us continue spreading the truth about Israel. Our fund raising campaign is in its final 24 hours. Support MiDA now.

For the past month, we at MiDA have been conducting a fund raising campaign among our Israeli readership. For the campaign’s final 24 hours, due to strong requests from our English readers who would like to participate and contribute, we are opening up the campaign to our English speaking audience.

Now we need your help. We need your support.

MiDA is the leading voice of the right wing in Israel. It has changed the discourse in the Israeli media, giving a voice to the opinions and feelings shared by most of the Israeli pubic – right wing and unapologetically Zionist, to the great dismay of the leftist elites.

MiDA has created an English edition to offer pro-Israel and Zionist commentary and analysis to provide an alternative and counter the vilification of Israel existing in Israeli and foreign media sources reporting from Israel.

Your donations in the next 24 hours will help us reach our goal of 500,000 NIS.



If you are an Israeli citizen and have an Israeli bank account, please go to our Hebrew campaign page and follow the instructions there by following this link:  https://hamonym.com/campaign/mida/


If you are a supporter of Israel abroad, you can help by donating to El Haparat, which is the Israeli non-profit organization that runs the MiDA Website.

 There are 3 ways to donate to El Haprat:



Go to:


Fill the details press “checkout with Paypal”

You can choose paying “Donate with Credit Card”, or through your Paypal account.


  1. Wire Transfer directly to El Haprat:




  1. El Haprat also uses the services of the Central Fund of Israel, which has 501C3 tax exemption.

It is very important that checks and transfers include the name of El Haprat (checks should be earmarked).

  1. Wire-Transfer

Bank Account Details:

Citibank N.A.

5th. Avenue & 37th. Street

New York, NY 10016

For the Account of:

Central Fund of Israel

ABA Routing #: 021000089

CFI Account #: 4985590372

SWIFT Code (International Wires): CITI US 33

Tax ID (Not needed for wire-transfer): 13-2992985


  1. Checks directly to CFI’s US office:
    Central Fund of Israel
    c/o Marcus Brothers Textile
    980 6th Avenue
    New York, NY, 10018


Thank you, תודה רבה

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