Perpetrators with a Victim Mentality

Israeli tolerance made it possible for an Arab terrorist to murder Ari Fuld. The Arab murderer even stopped and ordered falafel at a local Israeli stand frequented by both Arabs and Jews before his attack. Jews who enter Arab villages are lynched.

The brutal murder of Ari Fuld, a US born-Israeli father of four, is the latest example of the lethal consequences of the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) toxic political culture of genocidal Jew-hatred. There is no shortage of perpetrators in human history. However, the Abbas-led Ramallah regime promotes a unique brand of lethal hatred that can best be described as perpetrators with a victim mentality.

This is how the murder of Ari Fuld was presented by Wafa, PA’s official news agency:

“A Palestinian young man was injured by gunfire on Sunday when he was shot by Israeli forces, after he allegedly carried out a stabbing attack targeting an Israeli settler in Gush Etzion settlement complex, near Bethlehem in the southern West Bank.”

As far as the Abbas regime is concerned, the Arab terrorist Khalil Jabarin, who murdered Ari Fuld is a “victim” despite ample proof of the opposite. Footage from the attack clearly shows that Jabarin’s attack on Ari was unprovoked. In addition, Jewish victims of Arab terrorism are frequently dehumanized as “settlers.” The Wafa news agency also failed to mention that the terrorist Jabarin was injured by his victim, who acted in self-defense and wanted to prevent Jabarin from attacking other Jewish civilians.

This is hardly the first time that Ramallah has whitewashed reality to suit its cynical political aims. During a string of knife terrorist attacks against Israeli Jews starting in the fall of 2015, the PA claimed that Israeli authorities had “planted knives” in order to justify “murder” of “innocent” Arabs. Ample footage proving the opposite were deliberately ignored by the Abbas regime, which kept inciting against Israel.

For years, the PA has demonized the Jewish State by spreading lies of Israeli “apartheid.” In reality, Israeli Arabs and even PA resident Arabs can walk freely and safely inside Israeli communities. The terrorist murdered Ari Fuld outside an Israeli Rami Levy supermarket, a place where Arabs and Jews work peacefully side by side to serve Arab and Jewish customers. In the case of the place where Ari Fuld was murdered, most of the Arab customers are PA residents , not victims of supposedly Israeli “apartheid” and “crimes.”

It was Israeli tolerance and not “apartheid” that made it possible for the Arab terrorist to murder Ari Fuld. Before the murder, Jabarin even had a falafel at a local Israeli stand frequented by both Arabs and Jews.

By contrast, real apartheid against Jews exists in PA controlled territories, as well as in Hamas-ruled Gaza. Jews who enter PA-ruled settlements risk being lynched by Muslim Arab mobs.

In normal societies, teenagers are filled with dreams about their future. However, Jabarin is a product of a regime that cynically deprives its own population of a decent future and offers nothing but genocidal hatred of Jews and Israel.

Unlike most perpetrators, PA-sponsored perpetrators never feel any remorse since they automatically consider themselves to be “victims” of Israeli “occupation” and “apartheid.” The PA’s “pay to slay” system uses 300 to 400 million dollars annually to incentivize murder of Jews. Terrorists who murder Jews are automatically and simultaneously elevated to both “heroes” and “victims.” Instead of condemning the murder of Ari Fuld, Ramallah has offered around 3000 dollars as a reward to the murderer’s family.

Israeli and international leftists frequently describe Abbas as “moderate” and a “man of peace.” One of the architects of the Oslo Accords, Yossi Beilin, who recently visited Ramallah, claimed that Abbas “opposes violence”. The reality is very different and Ari Fuld is only the latest casualty of the widespread nonchalant leftist disregard for lethal evil.

The day before Jabarin murdered Ari Fuld, “moderate” PA leader Abbas addressed the PLO Executive Committee in Ramallah. In his speech, Abbas repeated the libel that Israel was seeking to create Jewish prayer areas inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque. As many other Muslim Arabs brainwashed with Jew hatred, Jabarin believed in the lies spread by Abbas. This makes the Abbas regime responsible for the murder of Jewish civilians, such as Ari Fuld.

By embracing the myth of Muslim Arab “victimhood” and ignoring the PA’s anti-Semitic death cult, the international community is literally killing any prospects for genuine Arab-Israeli peace.


Daniel Kryger is a writer and a political analyst. He lives in Israel.

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