Macron and Merkel: The Era of Jewish Servitude is Over

European leaders condescendingly believe that they know better how the Jewish nation should run its affairs. A sovereign and independent Jewish state is, once again, condemned for being strong and unapologetic.

PM Netanyahu and President Macron (Screenshot)

In typical Orwellian European fashion, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to maintain dialogue with Ramallah and pursue a two-state solution. In reality, the Abbas regime has systematically undermined the two-state solution with its anti-Semitic opposition to the existence of a Jewish nation state within any borders. While Israel’s critics conveniently ignore this crucial fact, the European leaders condescendingly believe that they know better how the sovereign Jewish nation should run its affairs. While the Jewish people may no longer be in bondage in Egypt, only a decisive Israeli victory over its lethal enemies can restore full Jewish political and national freedom in its ancestral homeland Israel.

Passover is arguably the most Jewish and simultaneously most universal of all Jewish holidays. Its powerful message of freedom from bondage is timeless and has inspired countless Jews and non-Jews alike throughout history. Generations of oppressed, homeless and destitute Jews in Europe, the Middle East and beyond concluded the holiday with the timeless words of hope: “Next year in Jerusalem.” Egypt became a metaphor for bondage while Zion became a metaphor for personal and national freedom. Modern Zionism became the political vehicle that turned the ancient Jewish dream of returning home to Jerusalem and Israel into a reality.

Passover offers the Jewish nation a powerful connection to its ancient past while at the same time inspiring an even brighter future for the Jewish people.

Seventy years is a blink of an eye in the long history of the Jewish people. Yet during the past seven decades and against tremendous odds, the Jewish people built a modern and powerful state in its ancestral homeland Israel. For the first time in over 2000 years, the Jewish people is no longer homeless or defenseless. However, like any complex human project, modern Israel remains a work in progress. History in general and Jewish history in particular has a tendency of repeating itself in different ways. While the Jewish people no longer lives in exilic bondage, modern day pharaohs still systematically challenge its national and political freedom in different ways. Iran’s Islamist regime and its allies constitute the epicenter of today’s opposition to the existence of a Jewish national homeland. However, anti-Semitic groups like the Boycott Divestment Sanction (BDS) campaign tirelessly work to poison minds in the free world with their anti-Jewish bigotry.

While the United Nations and the European Union officially recognize Israel’s existence, they advocate policies that systematically seek to undermine the Jewish nation’s legitimacy and ability to defend its national freedom against its lethal enemies. The European Union is not merely opposed to a Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria. Most of Europe still refuses to recognize the Jewish people’s return to its ancestral capital Jerusalem. A powerful and independent Jewish state does not fit into the deeply entrenched European preferred view of Jews as homeless and defenseless. Ironically, self-appointed Western liberals lead the free world’s assault on Jewish national sovereignty and freedom. Many liberals hypocritically condemn Israel for exercising the universal right of self-defense against enemies seeking her destruction. Critics systematically blast Israeli defensive military operations as “disproportionate” and insist on applying negative double standards against Israel.

Israel’s inadequate PR has largely failed to address properly the widespread global hostility towards the Jewish state. Even eloquently presented rational facts will not end the widespread irrational bigotry against Israel and the Jewish people. Israel’s desire to placate implacably hostile audiences have made a bad situation even worse. The main reason for this is that appeasement implicitly puts you in an inferior position. Israeli political appeasement has eroded its impressive tactical military victories. Unlike any militarily losing aggressors in history, Israel’s enemies have therefore become accustomed to continue demanding that the Jewish state capitulate politically. This Orwellian reality has been facilitated by a widespread international hostility towards Israel. Hostile influential political organizations like the United Nations and the European Union have largely ignored Israel’s factually based positions and sided with Israel’s enemies.

Seven decades after its rebirth, Israel remains the only country in the world whose very existence continues to be challenged worldwide. Israel’s legendary late foreign minister Abba Eban eloquently addressed this anomaly decades ago:

“Nobody does Israel any service by proclaiming its ‘right to exist.’ Israel’s right to exist, like that of the United States, Saudi Arabia and 152 other states, is axiomatic and unreserved. Israel’s legitimacy is not suspended in midair awaiting acknowledgement…. There is certainly no other state, big or small, young or old, that would consider mere recognition of its ‘right to exist’ a favor, or a negotiable concession.”

Modern Zionism led the Jewish people from exilic bondage to restored political and national freedom in Israel. In order to secure Jewish national freedom for future Jewish generations, the Jewish state must decisively defeat her enemies by forcing them to reconcile with the permanency of the return of the Jewish people to its ancestral homeland Israel.


Daniel Kryger is a writer and a political analyst and a Fellow at the Haym Salomon Center.

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  1. All wich writened in this article by Mr.Daniel Kryger its 100% the thruth ,,,the truth wich all world know it too ,, wich writened and can be verefide in ancester and contemporanioum History in ouer Jews Holy divined Tora and as well in all Bibles of any religion and cults denominationes . those whom knows and simulate ignorance or puting a deaf ear to it or reinventing jews History in their own perversed interest are same ones whom ploting and living for the destruccion of all wich jews….after being remainded them with pruves over and over again about the absolut truth,ligallity and soberanity of ouer jews contry ..,,wich meanes jews should not put efort and time convinsing them over and over again ,,with same resoultes..they all come with a smile to see wath can grab of ouer advanced technology and kindnes given to those whom dont deserves it .. useing their hipocrate fitures hided under diplomacy wich sinonimous of hipocracy . that its time to take accion and consoult in the Tora,,of how to deale with those whom murdering inocent jews as if ouer blood cheap ,,or rewriting ouer jews History asuring that ouer jews ligal and soberand jews contry it theirs. . having a celebration by destroying and burning ouer they please.. and celebrating their jews blood spilleings buchering of inocent jews citicens of all ages ,,and misiling their homes with the world apeasing defending them and pointing their fingers at us… .what a dreck. tolerating them living in between us building their palases in ouer own jews land ..with jews blood money ..given by their anticemite worlwhile holocausters perversed acomplisers…. insted of waesting more presious jews lifes and jews given land or complaining and aclareing it on the UN chamber offices ,, the very house of ouer enemies.. insted of once and for all to take accion ,,insted of pasivenness or giving in their eval willes..extorciones and demandes .. and showering them with gratificationes obeidience and good will and dids them of ouer land..for a fake not honored pease ..wich been and is a cover up to achive their eval goales… but missiles murdering inocent jews citicens of all ages…and over and over again leting them in ,,to ouer own cities to walke free and do terror as wish… ….insted of fixing up their terrorist boosses whom are the popets and acomplices of the anticemit world goyems .. whom demand they extorcion they acuse and they got wich want …from ouer gifted Hashem land gifted for to have ouer own save haven and to shomer it ..given by ouer own jews rullers falling in their demandes and extorciones .givened to them as if cheap . wich forbidened to us jews .,,The Tora Laws comandes us not to ever do with them any kind of deales ever or leting those whom the Thornes of ouer life to live in between us or giving them consetiones gratificationes land rewardes or falling in to their demandes or extoriciones ..and today we seeing the outcomes of the desobeidences.of ouer rullers whom dont rulle Israel under the jews Tora Laws but by the mundane curropted cultist ones… and wich forbidened to us ..bicause its created against us jews.and ouer jews soberan contry . and even more relevant its under estimates ouer the Eternal Covent we got with Hashem.. Till jews do wich forbiden as aloweing to have in between us the Thornes of ouer lifes and doing forbiden deales with them ,,just to please own personal interests full of gread to achive political glory and personal confort ,, with those repited fantasies of pease for land and the ultimate fantasy of great busnises with ouer own murderer enemies given Takias …..insted of serving Hashem and obeiding the Tora law..wich clearly tell us wich forbiden and wich not ..and wich tell us wich the best choises for the best outcomes for us …to be in to trive in safty and prosperity .. insted of asimilating to their own wayes of mundane human created changable curropted lawes wich rulles with inmorality lies extoriciones slavary and holocaustes. wich comes by apeasment pasiveness ,or deales and promeses that are not honored by such cultists . whom play deaf and arrrogant towards the thrut bicause theyr are the same ploters and patrocinaters and acomplices of the destruccion and looting of all wich jews. … The words of wisdome of Mr.Krygler should be fall in to the ears of all jews ..including ouer rullers .. whom its urgent them to become liders ,,and to grasp in to their spiritual counsiesnes ,,that mundane politics diplomacy or planing with ouer enemies any kind of deales or being pasive insted of acting as it urges the cituation .. its a fantasy wich will fade as the wind ,,,to show wich we been warned of ,,,if we wish to avoid bring outcomes of caos sorrownes greaf slaveness and the next holocaust ,,, giving them good dids rewardes or falling in their demandes or extoriciones will not bring victory but defit . .by those evale ones whom some jews fallened in their long planed eval lies and trikes and now unfortunatly jews being divided jews against jews. ,,because their fantasy and gread for mundane wealt and valious and the obsetion of wealth and political selfes glories …in front of ouer nose they are reinventing ouer jews History demanding we give ouer jews land to terrorists whom given them wealth to misiling and murdering inocent jews citisens in own jews land. aloweing them to walke free in ouer neighborhoods where jews and other civilised people are being buchered as the criminal terrorist please ,,and celebrating it ..insted of dumping them where they belong . insted of leting or tolerating them building their palaces on ouer jews given good did land for “”pease”” builded palaces with jews blood… and having in their streets signes wich sayes..prohibed the entrance for jews. yet ouer doors are opened for them to walke and murder and destroy and burne down ouer land. or chanting in ouer own jews streets those terrorist whom seat and get huge salaries in ouer kneset ..helping their brother terrorist to bucher jews… chanting and rioting with them ,,with their f by Arafat terrorist invented palestinian flag .. crying them selfes inocent refugies when most them holding Jordanian Pasaports… same ones whom burning ouer ligal and soberan jews land wich was gifted to them as good did…and demanding for more.. and ouer goverment tolerating it ,,thinking its going to be fixed by it selfe.. and leting other outsiders to rull ouer contry telling jews where to live ,,where to pray or where to build their homes…and where not too … bicause comes from same ones to destroy us . to achive victory wich only possibble if we obeid and charish Baruh Hashem comandes of how to deale with ouer enemies Jews Tora Laws in Israel ,,wich are Moral fare and divainly comanded .,, to kill for selfe defense…the ones whom come to murder us ,,,as same with the ones whom their boosses and paying them glorofied them and celebrates with them the jews spilled blood ,,their terrorist boosses are walking and laghfing alive and free,,,Its unfair and hearth braking that ouer jews precious jews inocent bretheners of all ages are in their graves.. and ouer land its burning ..!!! the Thornes of ouer lifes shuld be sent to where they belonge…to Guehinam… its relevante for all jews to wake up ,,and unifide ,and Honor ouer Tora Laws wich had taken us to vicory freedom safty and to trive ., . we all have a mission to achive ,,,we are here to serve and to Obeid Hashem,, not the eval enemies .,,,as Mosses did ,, and the one whom taken us to ouer jews Home in safty ,for us to have ouer safe haven ,,,,to shomer it ,,,and shomer ouer Covent we have with ouer only one Jews God Elohim Ejat. Amen!!!

  2. If people would read the Bible they would understand why people hate Israel and the Jewish people so bad. God’s CHOSEN PEOPLE are the Jewish people,and God’s CHOSEN land is Israel. Abraham had two sons. His first born was Ishmael,but he was the Son of a bondwoman,and even though he was the first born of Abraham he was not the promised child from God.God promised Abraham and Sarah a Son,but because it had been 25years previously they decided to help God out,so Sarah gave Hagar to Abraham so she could bare Abraham a Son for her because she she was barren. God finally let Sarah bare the Promised child Isaac. Ishmael started taunting Isaac so Sarah made Abraham send Hagar and Ishmael away,and these two tribes are still fighting today. That’s the reason people in the Middle East hate Israel and the Jewish people,because they think Ishmaels defendants should have Jerusalem as their capital,but God gave it to Isaacs decendants. So that’s why they continually fight each other.God is on Israel’s side.The Jewish people are the Apple of God’s Eye. So until Jesus returns to this Earth the fighting will continue.