Jews Must Never Be Afraid to Use Their Well-Earned Power

Prof. Alan Dershowitz: When anybody ever challenges Jewish power and influence, remind them that Jewish power is the best road to peace – it should be a source of pride.

IDF soldiers guarding the Golan Heights, (Credit: B. Awidat/Flash90 )

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3 comments on the article

  1. The hatred to the jews started with the onquisition of Spain to the Segardies, who were the rebels expelled to Sefardia, the farthest land tp avoid they fight again. But the expelled jewd from Spain took their keys with them to come back one day to Toledo. I am Christsm jews and love Israel.

  2. if 6 million guns were there to greet the Wehrmacht WW2 would have been far different. The S.S. would have been depleted, the War shortened and millions saved. Jews should have learned that Hashem wants you to defend yourself, your family, your community and thereby defend his laws and word. Fail to defend yourself and the consequences are clear.

    1. Excellent article by Professor Dershowitz. Thank you for publishing it!

      As for Jeff Katz’s comment, there is a recent book tracing gun control laws in Germany in the 1930s to the inability of Jews to defend themselves during the Holocaust. I think that it is a little far-fetched to expect a group of private citizens, even if armed, to defend themselves effectively over the long term against a trained, fully armed military force. Moreover, the Germans would have exacted a terrible price on the rest of the community through collective punishment. If only the Jews knew then what we know now, they may have recognized that they had little to lose by armed resistance (e.g. the Warsaw Ghetto uprising).