Silence of the Feminists

The Weinstein scandal is not only about Hollywood’s female harassment culture but also about the politically tainted and selective outrage of liberals over sexual assault of women

Blind to the harassment of women when it doesn't serve their political purpose

The only thing surprising about the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal is, that it is being aired out in the open and actors are speaking out. Anyone old enough to see a movie rated R knows about Hollywood sexism and sexual harassment culture.

We are also all familiar with how hypocritical Hollywood is, especially actors and particularly the politically active, progressive-liberal actors. They very generously award each other the title of “hero” this week and are very much impressed with the women who are speaking out. As are feminists and other progressive-liberal politicians and activists, all quick to step up and cash in for the exposure. As they should be doing, by the way.

This speaking up and exposure of the abuse of women is so necessary and so important that it leaves you wondering – why only now?

It is not that the Hollywood types and politically active liberals and progressives are shy or are fearful of stepping up and speaking out. We all remember how quick they were to admonish Trump exactly a year ago. Not only Trump. Anyone who had the audacity, in their eyes, to support him.

If you were like me and supported the Republican candidate for president, then you know what I am talking about. Boy, were they unrelenting and vicious. The self righteous assault was abusive and personal. Every single one of  Democrat supporting female family/friends/acquaintances who lambasted me said that I, as a father to a daughter, should be ashamed of myself and asked what kind of example am I giving her?

Yes, I have a daughter I adore. I also have a mother and sister I cherish and a wife I love. More than that, I have many female friends who are very dear to me and female colleagues I respect.

I have always felt very comfortable in the company of women. Support for women’s rights and equality is a given in my eyes. I am repulsed by how some men speak about women. I can empathize with the apprehension women feel in male dominated work environments.

I may not understand but I can certainly sympathize with women who have been harassed, abused or assaulted. Such behavior is unforgivable in my eyes. It was painful for me to read about the trauma women felt over revelations of Donald Trump’s sexist remarks and I understood the women who were offended by his attitude towards women.

And yet, I confess that there is something that is bothering me about this scandal, just as their anger bothered me last year. The trauma reported seemed to be selective. The intensity of the anger, the extent of the offense taken, the level of outcry seemed insincere. More than anything, it reeks of being motivated by politics.

The matter of attitudes towards women dominated the conversation and news reports last year, yet how many of the women who were most vocal and expressive about Trump were as outspoken when politicians they support were accused and charged?

There have been numerous references to Weinstein’s political affiliations and connections to the Democratic party, so I don’t need to regurgitate it. There does though seem to be a pattern very indicative of the Liberal and Progressive left. How they selectively feign outrage over abuse of women, remaining oddly silent about it when it doesn’t fit their political positions.

How many of them were so outspoken over the harassment and assault of women during the “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations?  The women so offended by male “locker room” conversations, did they not admire the very crude “Sex and the City” because it was a true portrayal of women’s conversations and still praise it as revolutionary with respect to women’s sexuality?

What we see is beyond hypocrisy. It is a cynical manipulation of a serious issue. Especially when they question how any man who has a daughter could support Trump. How many of them have changed their position on Muslim immigration because of the rape culture prevalent among Muslim immigrants and the countless acts of assault and rape in Europe? How many of them have spoken out as strongly against Muslim attitudes towards women in general?

There is deafening silence on the part of left wing feminists on sexual assaults against women on many issues they support, when exposure does not serve their political goals. Unsurprisingly, the left leaning media are partners to the cover up and manipulation.

There are countless examples here as well. Who among them expressed their disgust when women who suffered harassment and assault at the hands of Palestinians were told to keep silent over this because it would hurt “the cause”? Where are the left wing politicians speaking out about harassment of female students by Arabs in the neighborhood around the Hebrew University? Or when female students are harassed by professors at the university for that matter?

Even when an international NGO addresses abuse of women in Arab society, they can’t avoid politicizing the topic. Instead of dealing with necessary reform in Arab society when addressing the rape culture and women abuse, they pay lip service and describe the problem as an extension of Israeli presence and occupation.

The politicization of the issue diminishes the cause of women. It belittles the horror of those who experienced assault. It should be a matter we all oppose and object to, not coldly used selectively when it serves one’s political opinions.

They are always reminding us that sexual assault has nothing to do with sex or attraction, it has everything to do with power. The liberal left wing seem to be the ones making sure that power is not taken out of their hands. Instead of caring for the women, they use the issue as a powerful tool, used at their behest when convenient, to be hidden when not.

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